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Just as we imprint the places we pass through, so places imprint our psyches and souls. During this journaling and poetry workshop you will see how re-entering places of significance can deepen your relationship with Self and others.

Register early, group size is limited.

This workshop sold out quickly in Marin County in November – don’t miss out. Limited space remaining in Boulder!!!!!!!!

Cost: $95

For more details, or to book a place, please contact:,

No previous writing experience is needed; writers and poets also welcome.

Mary Reynolds Thompson, CAPF and Kate Thompson, MA are authors and journal and poetry therapists who serve on the core faculty of the Therapeutic Writing Institute.

Kate Thompson is an existential psychotherapist  with over 15 years experience. She lived and worked in the UK until 2010. She is interested in helping people to live as fully as they can by helping people describe, clarify and unravel their relationships to the world, self and others. She teaches for the New School of Psychotherapy & Counselling and the Therapeutic Writing Institute. She lives in the Rocky Mountains above Boulder, Colorado where the landscape continually inspires her writing and her life.


Mary Reynolds Thompson writes about nature, the soul, and the wild region where they meet.  She is author of Embrace Your Inner Wild: 52 Reflections for an Eco-Centric World, of which the poet Jane Hirshfield wrote, “This is an book of astonishment, reverence, and freedom…” Her essays on eco-spirituality have appeared in numerous publications, including The Ecozoic, SageWomanSea Stories, and LeftCurve. A certified creativity coach and poetry and journal facilitator, Mary serves on the core faculty of the Therapeutic Writing Institute and the council for the International Association of Journal Writing. As founder of Write the Damn Book (,  and Reclaiming the Wild Soul ( she conducts writing and eco-spirituality workshops throughout the US and internationally. She grew up in London, England, and now lives in Marin County, California, with husband, Bruce, who shares her love of nature and the wild soul that connects us all.

Mary Reynolds Thompson, CAPF, CPCC

Testimonials – what they said about us:

Beautifully led, ‘facilitated’ – Mary & Kate make a well-balanced team

I feel more open to sharing my true self

It was excellent for opening my personal writing wheels again

….so wonderful to be in a safe and wild gathering – loved it

I found the experience rich, the leaders insightful & adept

Thank you!! …worth the drive

the day was laid out perfectly

It’s a rare privilege to spend a full day of creative energy, inspiration and fun in such a radiant setting.

Colorado Counselling Association Conference

April 9-10 2015 Denver Convention Center

Writing for Health & Trauma Recovery: Tools for Counseling Practice

Kate Thompson & Carolyn Jennings

To download a copy of our poster click here




An expressive writing workshop

Telling our stories through the places and landscapes of our hearts, minds and souls


Date: Sunday 9th November 2014, 10.30-2pm 

Cost: $50

Place: Brooklyn, New York

This workshop is a creative exploration of place as a factor in forming and transforming the self. Just as we imprint the places we pass through, places imprint us in a reciprocal/symbiotic way. Join Kate to write and share your story. Remembering and re-entering places of significance can deepen your relationship with yourself and others. You will be guided to investigate the landscapes of your life and to discover more about the person you are through writing about your places.

Weather permitting, we will spend some of the time outside.

No previous writing experience is needed. 

A varied group will enrich the experience.

For more information or to reserve a place contact Kate:




Expressive Therapies Summit

New York

Saturday 8th November  2014

Writing the Landscapes of Our Lives: The Steppingstones

Executive Conference Center – Saturday


The Steppingstones writing exercises are perhaps Jungian psychologist Ira Progoff’s greatest contribution to the use of journal writing as a psychological tool for understanding and growth.  Steppingstones offer a way of entering and understanding the past from the vantage point of the present, allowing people to think differently about the future; this is a profound experience achieved through expressive writing and reflection.  In this experiential half-day workshop, participants will be led through a complete Steppingstones exercise focused on exploring significant places in their lives and how these have shaped relationships with self and others. No specialized experience is required for this session, which can be used with a variety of clients in clinical practice.





 And in San Francisco:

Kate Thompson & Mary Reynolds Thompson

Literature, Landscape, and Imagination: 

How We Connect Self and Place

The Book Passage

San Francisco


Wednesday December 17th 2014


A strong landscape is one that has an emotional effect it creates a type of memory in which the landscape plays a vital role and thus becomes fused with the self. In this interactive writing workshop, we will explore how landscapes––real, literary, and imagined––can create a topology of memory that infuses our writing and lives with deeper awareness and creativity.  We will pose the fundamental question not as Who am I? But rather: Where Am I?

For more information and to register click here




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