For therapists & other healing professionals

Monday October 23rd 2017, 4-7pm

Expressive Writing in Health and Trauma Recovery: tools for counseling practice

Where: Creative Life Center, Westminster


Register here

An experiential workshop for counselors, coaches, therapists and other healing professionals.

Expand your repertoire of therapeutic tools with this experience of expressive writing as a means of healing and growth.

There is a proven relationship between expressive writing and health/trauma recovery. A traumatic event can be integrated when a client translates emotions into a written narrative, assigning meaning and coherence.

“All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story or tell a story about them” (Karen Blixen)

In this workshop a counselor and a client will:
define expressive writing and describe :how it can be used for health and trauma recovery
guide you through the experience of several writing techniques you can use as resources for your clients to further therapeutic goals
discuss expressive writing as an adjunct to counseling with case examples
offer expressive writing tools for self-supervision

Facilitated by

Kate Thompson & Carolyn Jennings

Kate Thompson, MA, CJT, existential counselor, journal therapist and author of Therapeutic Journal Writing: An Introduction for Professionals.
303 870 5775

Carolyn Jennings, Journal to the Self® facilitator, author of Hunger Speaks, a memoir told in poetry and writer whose journals were key to her recovery from an eating disorder.
720 289 0896


The Third Eye: Monthly Expressive Writing Group for Healing Professionals

This group is currently accepting new members

Next meetings in 2017:

Thursday October 12th

Thursday November 9th

Thursday December 7th




Sondermind, Suite 12, 100 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO 80302

Cost: $35 per session


phone: 303-870-5775

Book covers

Books by Kate Thompson

Expressive writing offers a way in to self-supervision & reflective practice for busy people. This group is for helping and healing professionals: eg therapists, healers, coaches, health professionals & therapeutic writing facilitators. Join a small group of fellow practitioners and begin to develop new means of self-support and self-care by activating your creativity. We use poetry, journal writing techniques (such as Captured Moments, dialogues, perspectives) and other expressive writing prompts to reflect on our lives and our work with others. Sharing is an opportunity, never an obligation.

This monthly group for healing professionals has been meeting since 2011 and currently has space for one or two more people to join the group. No prior experience of writing is necessary just a willingness to put pen to paper and to open yourself to the power of writing in community.


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