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When the Hand Can Write

What the Lips Won’t Say

Date and Time

Fri, April 20, 2018          9:00 AM – 11:00 AM MDT


Sondermind, 100 Arapahoe Suite 12, Boulder, CO 80302

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There are times when writing is safer than talking, some people can entrust words to the page before they can speak them out loud. Writing allows the conscious mind to step back and the unconscious mind to step forward (Martin Amis) thus allowing the unconscious to become conscious through a process of reflection and offering rich transferential experiences in the moment. Catharsis alone is not enough but must be followed by a period of reflection.

Writing is often considered to be solitary pursuit but here we will consider the benefits of writing in group as opposed to the personal or isolated writing often suggested in therapy. We will explore writing as part of group for clients and peers. Different expressive writing tasks provide different opportunities for people to become writer and reader, the author of their own experience.

This training will include an experiential element using writing which can then become part of the group dynamics and further discussion of process.






Where: Sondermind, Suite 12, 100 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder , CO80302,
When: once a month, second Tuesday beginning February 13th, 10.30-12.00

Cost: $40 per session


Supervision is a lifelong gift available to all counselors and therapists, however, self-supervision is often overlooked as a source of professional support. Expressive therapies offer many tools which can be harnessed to provide self-supervision and develop reflective practice. In this group we will use a variety of writing techniques to examine our work with clients. The focus will be on a three-part process of: writing, reading, reflecting, as it can be applied to a variety of writing techniques (including dialogues, unsent letters,). Good supervision places client experience at the heart of the process where the supervisor acts as the observing self – expressive writing used for self-supervision allows therapist to bring their own observing self to shine a light on their work with clients of all ages and presenting problems. By becoming both writer and reader of our own experience we can begin to change the scripts of the therapeutic encounter and deepen our work as therapists.

Places are limited so contact me with your questions or to reserve a place.



The Third Eye: Monthly Expressive Writing Group for women in the Healing Professions


Next meetings in 2018:

Thursday February 8th

Thursday March 8th

Thursday April 5th




Sondermind, Suite 12, 100 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO 80302

Cost: $35 per session


phone: 303-870-5775

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Expressive writing offers a way in to self-supervision & reflective practice for busy people. This group is for helping and healing professionals: eg therapists, healers, coaches, health professionals & therapeutic writing facilitators. Join a small group of fellow practitioners and begin to develop new means of self-support and self-care by activating your creativity. We use poetry, journal writing techniques (such as Captured Moments, dialogues, perspectives) and other expressive writing prompts to reflect on our lives and our work with others. Sharing is an opportunity, never an obligation.

This monthly group for healing professionals has been meeting since 2011 and currently has space for one or two more people to join the group. No prior experience of writing is necessary just a willingness to put pen to paper and to open yourself to the power of writing in community.


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