Travelling through time and back again……

Orkney Islands [GB], 2004, Skara Brae.
Skara Brae, Orkney (Photo credit: Fiore S. Barbato)
This summer has been a journey through time from the Neolithic in the north to the Victorian on the frontier, from treeless islands to high mountains. My travels took me to 5000 year old settlements and tombs, the bare ruin’d choirs of Medieval buildings and Victorian frontier towns; so many different ways of living to imagine, so many different kinds of life.

All in the space of a few weeks and many thousands of miles.

This certainly allows a different perspective on home & life, being so temporally and geographically displaced. But at the same time always seeing the past through the lens of the present.

St Andrew's Cathedral
St Andrew’s Cathedral (Photo credit: djenvert)

Journal prompt:

Here’s a 3 part perspectives write for when you are taking a trip, for vacation or work, away from home for a time or simply taking a walk near your house.

As you turn towards home reflect on these 3 questions:

1) What am I looking forward to returning to?

2) What am I ambivalent about returning to?

3) What do I not look forward to returning to?

Write 3 lists. Reflect on each category and see what you notice – how can you celebrate the first, clarify the second and address/change the third?

The Bridger Mountains just outside of Belgrade...
The Bridger Mountains, Bozeman, Montana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some landscapes feel familiar even when they aren’t; something happens when we see something that reminds us of somewhere else, an almost physical memory of place.

Have you ever been anywhere that so reminds you of somewhere else that you are temporarily dis-located?


2 thoughts on “Travelling through time and back again……”

  1. Hi Kate, Thanks so much for keeping me on you e-mail list. Please keep them coming. I really enjoyed the prompts about “Traveling through time and back again.” I believe I will use this idea for the Journal Class I will be teaching this month or next.. I miss seeing you, but I hope your summer continuous to be great

    Best wishes and love,

    Eleanor .


    1. Hi Eleanor

      So good to have you reading & connecting with me through the blog. Do let me know what happens when you use these prompts. I’d love to know how your students respond – some people use these prompts for very practical planning (changes in their accommodation), others take more abstract or emotional direction (relationship or life approach aspects).
      Like many of our good prompts – the responses never cease to surprise or bring insight.
      Hope we’ll meet again soon.


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