February is the shortest month……….

I notice that a year ago I wrote about Wind….and Snow…..in my February posts.

What is it about February in the northern hemisphere that provokes a concentration on climate conditions? DSC03201The paradox of February is perhaps that the extreme weather we get (2 feet of snow here after a dry winter, for example) is in contrast with the lengthening days, the increased energy and outward focus. The hibernation instinct releases its grip.

The desire to spend more time outside, being more physically active  in daylight is often frustrated by snow and rain………Margaret Atwood’s poem February depicts it as a transitional month.

Many people battle depression or experience a lowering of the spirits & energy in winter. People who suffer from SAD start to feel better as days noticeably lengthen. Up in the Arctic the sun has returned and people are becoming happy again. Next month many countries will put their clocks forward and suddenly the evenings are restored.

Journal prompt: What do you notice in yourself as the days get longer? Think about your physical, mental and emotional energy. 

Do you notice any annual patterns or rhythms?

Is there anything in February which lifts your spirits? A ritual? An annual event? If not, what could you introduce?

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3 thoughts on “February is the shortest month……….”

  1. Jenny
    So February has some of the energy of January and the New Year for you and you are writing ‘fast and joyfully’ which sounds inspiring. That’s a wonderful annual rhythm.


  2. February is always a good month for me actually. My writing tends to follow the same pattern every year, so I always start a new project on Jan 1st, write fast and joyfully for the three or four months it takes, redraft and ponder through the summer, plan through the winter and then on January 1st… Interesting post!


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