Accidental souvenirs

Preparing for another trip I take down a bag unused since the last one. Emptying it I find:

coins in currencies not useful this time

a ticket for a foreign train

receipts for meals eaten, hotels stayed in

a notebook with too few blank pages remaining

scraps of paper with names of unfamiliar artists

a printed sheet from an exhibition

and an embarassing number of pens………….

These are accidental souvenirs (from the French – to remember) – not chosen or carefully selected, not proudly displayed, shelved or filed – but each one evokes a fleeting memory.

Journal prompt:

What lurks forgotten at the bottom of your bag or suitcase from the last outing? Have you looked at the back of your closet recently?

What did you bring back unwittingly from your last trip?

Which all reminds me of William Stafford‘s poem What’s in my journal? which you can find here. It begins:

Odd things, like a button drawer.

Journal prompt:

What’s in my journal? Write your own prose piece or poem.

Anyone who has ever tried to de-clutter or Organize will know there are places where forgotten treasures congregate – forgotten treasures or clutter?

Caroline Koehnline on her website defines clutter as:

anything that drains your energy, gets in your way, distracts from what’s important, or has no place in your home or life. Stacks of paper, unproductive thinking, stuck feelings, and time-wasting activities can take up space that could be better used for other things.

Does that include foreign train tickets?!


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