Autumn again….

It’s over a year since I started this blog – a complete cycle of seasons but they haven’t always seemed to be in the right order. Immediately after returning from a trip to Europe I was plunged into Autumn term’s teaching, normal year markers, a rhythm of  work. Definitely the end of summer.

In September in France it was Summer – I was hiking in chestnut forests, through gorges and across arid hilltops. But a  freak early snowfall made it winter in Colorado in October when I came home. This was temporally and temporarily disorientating – until autumn came back. There can be a sense of trying to catch up with yourself.

What are your normal year markers? What happens if they are missing? (for example if you skip a season by travelling or if your children leave home?)

Journal Prompt:

In a recent BBC programme I heard David Sedaris use the phrase  “the lead story in my diary that night……”

So what is the lead story in your diary tonight?

or if you don’t have time for the whole story (and sometimes we don’t have time, and sometimes it’s a well-worn excuse – you know what you do) :

What are the headlines in your diary tonight?

A new workshop:

Restoring with Re-storying

November 3rd 2012 – Longmont, Colorado

Carol O’Dowd & I are combining our practices of expressive writing and Naikan (the Japanese art of self-reflection) into an innovative one-day workshop. For more information click here.


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