Summer’s lease……

Mt Audubon: the view from the top

August is the time when many therapists and many clients disappear, take off, go and do something different. In August therapy offices are abandoned in the way that Paris is, inhabitants are elsewhere. Therapists and clients alike can feel abandoned at this time, changes in routines can be upsetting.

Journal Prompt: How is summer different for you from the rest of your year? Do you have regular summer patterns? Write about your best August memories (halcyon days or present pleasures). Use all your senses. 

Summer tranquility

I’m enjoying being at home for August; I’ll take my break in September. But my new experience this month is….sleeping outside. There’s something about sleeping in the open air without even a tent between you and sky, waking to the first light (or the moon in the small hours) of the morning, the first sounds of animals and birds (hummingbirds almost skimming the top of my head at 5.37am), the natural world coming awake. And most of the time it’s silent, especially if there’s no wind in the night, only the occasional thud or rustle from below the deck (bear? deer?) to disturb the tranquillity.

August is the chance to hike favourite trails, catch up on projects, plans and possibilities – and continue to be in my therapy office as usual!


6 thoughts on “Summer’s lease……”

  1. I enjoy watching, and listening to, wildlife in the neighbor. A herd of wild turkey visit regularly, chirp-barking as they strut through the yard, heads bobbing back and forth with each step. Today a new brood of barely visible baby turkies waddled close behind mom in the taller grass. And two nights ago, a new fawn visted the pond for a wet, if not cool, drink from the neighborhood pond. Baby wildlife always give me hope and lift my spirits. And a special treat this summer is the wren that nested in my geraniums on the back porch. The wren is my favorite back yard bird and makes a sound that is twice as big as his tiny little bird body. He has no trouble summoning us to the door.


  2. Some time every summer – it needn’t be August, as I’m self-employed – I like to be under canvas in a remote spot, normally the very far North of Scotland and the Northern Isles. Those weeks in nature seem to set me up for the whole year. Your plan sounds idyllic to me, Kate – though here in the UK we really do need a tent!


    1. Now under those bright northern skies…that would be something. I can understand that need for weeks in nature that can sustain you for the coming months.


  3. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you – it’s not so brave – I’m sleeping on a deck inaccessible from ground level! I’m pretty sure a bear couldn’t actually climb up……


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