After the fires the rain, after the rain the sun……

This week I woke to the realisation that July is half over and I have failed to establish the summer habits which are so sustaining (in this instance regular time for walking and mountain time) and which are normally part of the summer months.

Clouds and rain

Travel – Fire – Rain – Cloud – draws a timeline which partly explains it but there is more to the question:

How do we stop ourselves doing the things that are good for us or that we enjoy most?

When I dug down I uncovered the following myth:

You have to go to the mountains immediately after breakfast or, preferably, before


it’s too hot otherwise

there are thunderstorms every afternoon (in the light of climate change that also now seems a myth)

So the syllogism in my head was running:

a) you have to go to the mountains first thing in the morning

b) you have a client on Friday morning


You cannot go to the mountains on Friday

After uncovering myths the obvious thing is to dispel them. So AFTER seeing my client I went to the mountains; I was on the trail at 11.30am, at my favourite destination lake

by 2pm, time to wonder at the views, converse with the marmots. I was back at the car at 4pm, home soon after 5pm.

And it didn’t rain.

Journal Prompt:

What are the good habits you would like to establish?

Write about the ways you sabotage yourself and prevent yourself from doing what is good for you. What are some of your myths?

Using the present tense, write about a time when you did something that was good for you. Then reflect on the following: how did you feel? (Physically, emotionally, intellectually)


1 thought on “After the fires the rain, after the rain the sun……”

  1. Love this! I am actually in a bit of a forced situation of doing things that are good for me and I am finding it difficult. After some minor surgery on Friday I have spent the weekend mainly lying down and being looked after. It’s the first time in 13 years that I stayed in bed. So today I am up but knowing that I have to take it easy. The battle in my mind of what I can do today and what I ought to do today is raging!
    My family have fussed and tended. Friends have phoned with offers of help. All of which is lovely. But honestly, I am surprised at how difficult I find to accept the help and kindness.
    My husband told me simply “Enjoy it”
    He’s right!


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