I forget that where I live is ‘wild’; I think of it as essentially benevolent. So perhaps I need experiences like today when, at 5.30pm, I looked over the edge of the deck and saw:

It’s a reminder that it’s not all deer and hummingbirds even at home. I shall double check that the doors are locked tonight.

Recently I’ve been reading Cheryl Strayed‘s Wild. Strayed, a journalist in her 40s, writes about the time in her 20s when her life & her Self had essentially fallen apart. So she decided to walk the Pacific Crest Trail, alone. It is written with the clarity of distance but conveys the immediacy of the experience, and the necessity of it – of being at the extreme edge and coming back by another extreme route, and of surviving. The sub-title is From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Where do you go to get away from it all? To be?

If you are looking for or craving a peaceful retreat in the English countryside this summer then how about this?

This is my ideal retreat: if I wasn’t in Boulder I would be there (sheep instead of bears?). As I can’t be there this summer  I am making it available to rent for people who want to find the kind of peace and inspiration that one of the quietest of the Yorkshire Dales can provide. The cottage is an ideal writer’s retreat (I know),or indeed it’s ideal for anyone looking to get away from the demands of busy life.

You can walk the surrounding hills with only curlews, grouse & sheep for company.

Get unplugged – there’s no phone, television or internet. There are of course lots of books. It sleeps up to 6. The village has a community pub.

If you are looking for a quiet place to write, walk or reflect for a weekend, a week, a few days then I’m happy to give you more information.

Leave a comment here or contact:

Journal Prompt: What is it that takes you back to yourself, helps you locate or find yourself?

Is it extreme experience or peaceful retreats that can return you to yourself after difficult times?

Write about a time when you deliberately did something different, uncharacteristic (small or large) and the effect it had on you.


7 thoughts on “Retreat…….”

  1. Mary Reynolds Thompson said in Lapidus:
    My husband and I were fortunate to stay at Kate’s “retreat” last spring. It was an amazing experience; we unplugged from the high-tech world and spent hours hiking among the lambs and bluebells.


  2. I’m always happy for people to use these prompts – and to hear how they use them and what happens.

    By the way, that is a bear in the photo – somebody asked if it was a mole!


  3. Thanks, Mary. Isn’t it a privilege to share the space with these creatures? (But I thought twice about a sunset hike yesterday!)


  4. Kate, I love your phrase “it’s not all deer and hummingbirds.” So true. We, also, have to be aware of the bears where I live. Be safe,


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