Calling Boulder/Denver therapists, coaches, healthcare professionals……….

To all therapists, coaches and healthcare professionals in the Boulder/Denver area –

There’s one week to go until the professional development/continuing education workshop:

Therapeutic Journal Writing & Existential Therapy: An Intimate Relationship

at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute on Saturday 24th March, 10am – 5.30pm


Existentialism attracts good writers and good writing. Existential philosophers  and psychotherapists  (eg Yalom, Van Deurzen, Spinelli, Cannon) have always been interested in writing in different genres and writing about their work in different ways. It is therefore logical to explore ways of using writing for ourselves and for our clients.

Classic journal writing techniques provide opportunities for client work, self-supervision and existential practice. Journal writing offers opportunities to extend the therapeutic experience beyond the face-to-face encounter and to provide clients with a self-sustaining method of support after the contract has ended.

In addition journal writing offers the practitioner techniques for self-supervison and reflective practice and therapist self-care.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience for themselves this kind of reflective process in the moment. There will be opportunity (but no obligation!) to read aloud what is written during the day and to discuss and share ideas about the processes  and how we can apply them to ourselves and to our clients.

To register click here


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