Happy New Year!

Well, if Christmas is about reviewing, New Year (as we return to some semblance of routine and regular life) is about looking ahead, looking into the year in front of us…

Christmas snow

So to get us started here are some writing prompts that I’ve experienced in groups over the last couple of weeks:

  1. Some moments I plan to have in 2012 (This of course follows on from your Christmas write: Best moments of 2011)
  2. Things I want to erase and not carry into 2012 (I give myself permission to tear out and destroy this page if I want to)

The prompts above were practiced at Kay Adams Monday Group before Christmas – it’s amazing where these prompts can take you. Please do leave a comment if you try these.

A new dawn

The first group here of the New Year brought 6 wonderfully creative women of Flagstaff mountain to write together for the first time.

(Neighbours male or female, if you are reading this – you are welcome to join us – see the events link at the top of the page).

We experimented with a  Perspectives exercise. This is where you fast forward to a date in the future and write a review journal entry of everything that has happened. We took a 3 month period (a full year felt far too daunting) and wrote as if on April 4th 2012, looking back at all we had done in the period January – March 2012.

4th April 2012

As I sit here writing and looking back over the last 3 months I think about everything I’ve done since New Year……

When you’ve finished, read it through and notice the things that you want to achieve in the period January-March 2012……………

What are your first steps? What can you do right now?

And finally……

Do you have a favourite writing prompt to start the new year/new journal?


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