The Post-Christmas World

Now Christmas is over for another year……. We’ve cleared the drive of snow so we can get out again into the world – over 2 feet of snow requires a lot of shovelling!

The post-Christmas world is a tidying-up time and perhaps a time for reviewing:

What were the highlights of 2011 for you? Write whatever comes to mind.

On a larger scale, reviewing the narrative of our lives can be a fascinating exercise. Daniel Siegel says:

It is essential for all people in the healing arts to care for themselves – which includes creating a coherent narrative of their own lives.

Siegel, D. The Mindful Therapist. 2010 (p72)

It seems to me that restoring our own narratives can help us with our lives whether we are in the helping professions or not – and of course I believe that journal writing (or expressive writing) is a significant way of doing this.

Siegel suggests a list of questions (adapted from the Adult Attachment Interview) such as:

What was growing up in your home like?

Who was in your home with you? 

Think of 5 words that reflect your earliest recollection of your childhood relationship with your mother/father/grandparent. Then think of an example of a memory which connects to that word.

If that seems too big a task (and it does require plenty of time) give yourself 15 minutes on:

What are your memories of childhood Christmas?

Grating nutmeg suddenly seemed to evoke the smell of family Christmas here.

……and finally: did you get any good books for Christmas?

have you got a new journal ready for the New Year?


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