Birthdays and Anniversaries

My year group is moving into a new decade now the season for birthdays is beginning; Scorpios, Sagittarians and Aquarians seem to figure ………large in my circle of friends and family. Somehow this brings an inevitable period of reflection – looking back, looking forward and seeing where we all are now (we live in the continuous present after all). Great opportunities for journal writing…….

For example in writing group on Monday what came up was:

It’s a time for recognizing those people who have been important to me on the journey (make an inventory) and letting them know. You’ll be hearing from me………

Who do you want to contact? What do you want to say to them? Write someone a letter – it can be an Unsent Letter, in some cases it will have to be.


View from my Window

By the way – someone told me that there have been enough pictures of the view from my window on this blog – is this true? Let me know.

So here’s a turkey instead:

Come to think of it, View from my Window is a very nice journal entry to do regularly over time. You’ll find it changes each time even if the window is the same (it’s a question of perspective) – try for 100 words or fewer. It’s also one of those writes which can overcome writing blocks, confound the excuses of ‘not having enough time’ and the material is always there.

Captured Moments in the Moment

Every time I describe the view from my window it grounds me, it locates me where I am in time and space which can be very useful when trying to re-gain focus. And every time I describe it it’s different.

 Every time a colleague sends me an e-mail snapshot of the view from her window I am connected to her across time and climate zones.

 From: Therapeutic journal Writing: an introduction for professionals

Talking of colleagues and anniversaries:
Kathleen Adams, founder and president of the Center for Journal therapy and the Therapeutic Writing Institute has just celebrated the 26th anniversary of her first journal workshop !!!!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary, Kay!

And finally……….

Wild Places Lost and Found:

writing the places of our hearts, minds, souls

Saturday, Dec 3, Marin County


Kate Thompson MA & Mary Reynolds Thompson CAPF

This workshop is now full!!

Let us know if you are interested in being wait-listed for this one or want to be informed about the next (yes, there will be a ‘next’ and it could be in your neighbourhood……or maybe in Boulder, Colorado)

We’ll also be celebrating the publication of Mary’s new book:

Embrace your Inner Wild

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7 thoughts on “Anniversaries…….”

  1. Thanks, Karen – I like looking through other people’s windows too! I’ll take that as an indication that I should feel free to post my view of world in future.

    In American parlance ‘a turkey’ can also mean something that is a flop, I believe…..


  2. No I don’t think you post too many pictures of the view through your window. It’s always lovely to see other peoples view of the world/nature but a turkey, not that interesting. Maybe a little dear?


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