Winter, perhaps……..

Over night the world changes……About two feet of snow fell over night on Tuesday and continued throughout Wednesday.

Snow from my window........

But it’s not really winter – just the first storm, a foretaste of what’s to come between now and next spring.

Snow at dawn from another window

On Saturday I attended poet David Whyte’s workshop in Boulder. An inspiring and thought-provoking day of poetry and ideas. He read his own poetry and poems by other poets. It’s a long time since I’ve read Stephen Spender’s I think continually of those who are truly great – written when he was only 21. An unashamedly romantic poem, a young poet’s poem perhaps but wonderful.

'When icicles hang by the wall'

Spender said he was thinking of these things when he wrote it:

Beethoven late quartets,  Russian movies about heroic workers, D.H. Lawrence’s ideas about sex, Michelangelo’s sculpture.

What 3 things inspire your best work?

Just one of the thought-provoking topics on Saturday was Human Exile and the idea that it is not just being displaced but being in the wrong place or in the wrong conversation.

(Like David Whyte I am in exile from Yorkshire, living in North America, perhaps this is my attempt to find myself in the right conversation……)

It was said that if you can articulate your exile you are on your way home.

Share your favourite poems about exile.

Writing prompt:

Write about a time when you know you were in exile or in the wrong conversation.

Did you know it at the time?  Who else was there?


2 thoughts on “Winter, perhaps……..”

  1. My goal is to talk truth
    Others might want truce
    Here they call it Splitting Hair
    Where I grew they call it
    Digging towards the Tip of a Bull’s Horn

    I went to church to meet a boy
    When I got there
    There was no boy
    They asked if I believed in God
    I say I don’t know
    You don’t believe in God?
    I never said that

    Either way anyway
    In exile I am.


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